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Against the Odds: Two Aces, 35 days

How many aces have you had? American Hole ‘n One says that the odds of making a hole-in-one on a par three (for an amateur) are 12,500 to one. For a professional, the odds drop down to 2,500 to one. What about two in 35 days? Imagine? Glencairn Member Scott Mccallum can.

Mccallum recently had two aces in a 35-day span at his home Club. To meet the odds, he would have had to have played 71 rounds a day in that period to be due for another hole-in-one.

Talk Data to Me:

Let’s assume we’re a little better than the average golfer (you’re reading about golf, so we’ll assume you’re at least a little better) and not as good as a professional (let’s face it, if you’re on tour, you’re not reading this). So let’s settle on 10,000 to one odds. So that’s playing 10,000 par-3s or playing your course 2,500 times (based on four par-3s per round). By this math, you’d have to average 62 rounds a year for 40 years before you’re due for a hole-in-one. Ugh.

But — miracles do happen! Look at Scott! We caught up with Scott on the golf course and asked him a few questions about his singular shot successes.

TLN: We see you’ve been a ClubLink Member for 13 years. Has all of that being at Glencairn?

Mccallum: I started as a ClubLink Member at Bond Head, and moved to Glencairn in 2013.

TLN: Two aces in 30 days is quite the feat. Is there something that might have contributed to the short span between them? Lucky charm? Special cereal? New clubs?

Mccallum: My daughter Hayley is heavily involved in golf and plays competitively. I’ve been playing a lot with her this season in particular. She’s one handicap, and that seems to have contributed to it.

TLN: Any other aces?

Mccallum: *Laughter* One at BondHead. These were my first at Glencairn.

TLN: This situation is scarce. Is this new memory likely your favourite from your time playing golf?

Mccallum: I’ve been playing for 50 years. I have so many great memories. But two in a month – you just have to laugh about it.

TLN: Have people been coming up to you to congratulate you?

Mccallum: So many people came up to me at the Club to say congratulations. On the day of the second one, there were way more people around the clubhouse for the free beer, so I was really popular that day!

TLN: There’s a great debate here in the office – since you’re an expert now – should multiple aces be called holes-in-one, or hole-in-ones?

Mccallum: I’m not sure. That’s a good question. I’d probably say holes-in-one.

TLN: Keep up the streak, there’s still a lot of July to keep one a month going.

Mccallum: I’ll do my best! Speaking of odds, have you checked out PointsBet Canada yet?

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Jul 21, 2022

Congrats Scott!

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