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Michael Block takes on the Ultra Hole Challenge Presented by Michelob Ultra at Glen Abbey

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Golf enthusiasts, we hope you didn't miss out on the Michelob Ultra Challenge that took place at Glen Abbey Golf Club on Saturday, July 22. This exclusive event was a thrilling experience for all who attended.

PGA Coach Michael Block, known for his incredible hole-in-one at the PGA Championship, was challenged by Michelob Ultra to attempt another ace within 90 shots on hole No. 3 at Glen Abbey. With the crowd gathered, Michael showcased his talent and precision on the course. The tension and excitement were palpable as everyone eagerly watched to see if he could achieve another amazing feat.

For those who couldn't be there in person, the Michelob Ultra Hole Challenge, hosted by Bob Weeks and Mark Zecchino, was live-streamed on TSN+, TSN YouTube, and at The question on everyone's mind was whether he would succeed within the 90-shot limit.

Although Blockie didn't get a hole in one, he hit some great shots and had a great time meeting many of you in and around the 3rd hole.

Following Michael's attempt, eight talented Glen Abbey Members competed in a closest-to-the-pin competition against him. These Members had previously qualified at the Men's and Women's Day events and were ready to show their skills on the course.

Congratulations to the qualifiers Soon Huh, Vipul Desai, Denis Schofield, Heidi Greetham, Craig Lindsay, Sarabjit Singh, and Jeff Robson.

In addition to the live event, spectators and golf enthusiasts were invited to participate in the Ultra Hole Challenge online. By selecting the ball they believed would land the ace, participants had a chance to win rounds for life.

We hope you had a fantastic time at the Michelob Ultra Hole Challenge, whether you were able to attend in person or watched the event online. The combination of golf and high-stakes challenges made this event truly unique. Cheers to Michelob Ultra for organizing such an incredible experience!

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