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Reshaping Golfing Legends: Glen Abbey and Cherry Downs

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Have you ever imagined attempting Tiger's legendary shot on the 18th hole at Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville? Or have you contemplated playing a round at the iconic Cherry Downs Golf Club in Pickering? There's no better moment than now to immerse yourself in the splendor of these extraordinary golf destinations. ClubLink has diligently undertaken several enhancements to both of these courses that are certain to captivate golf enthusiasts.

Glen Abbey's dedicated Turf Team have orchestrated a transformation through an extensive bunker restoration undertaking. This endeavour has redefined not only the aesthetic charm but also the playability of these sandy challenges. A crowning achievement of this restoration is 80 tons of Covia Bestsand Signature 900 sand, selected for its exceptional attributes. This premium sand now graces the green side bunkers on holes No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, and No.18. This addition contributes to the overall beauty of the course and provides golfers with a consistent and exceptional playing experience across these particular holes.

Hand in hand with Glen Abbey's bunker renovations, a tapestry of initiatives has unfolded this year. The roof has been replaced; the HVAC system underwent a sweeping transformation, breathing new life into the very soul of the clubhouse. The acquisition of new golf cart fleet stands as a testament to ClubLink's unwavering commitment to innovation and luxury.

Allan Huibers, Director of Operations at Glen Abbey, expresses, "The revitalized bunkers and the modernized infrastructure have undoubtedly elevated Glen Abbey's stature. It's a testament to our commitment to maintaining the course's legacy while embracing innovation."

At Cherry Downs, where tee shots were once fraught with trepidation, the landscape has embraced a newfound warmth, thanks to calculated tree removal and trimming. These changes have been very well received, making approach shots a journey of anticipation and precision.

New views of the par-4 3rd hole at Cherry Downs

Even with a pretty friendly tee shot and a lot of space on the right-hand side of hole No. 3, a shot a bit too far left was still pretty penal. The left-hand side has been widened by some tree removal and trimming to allow a clear shot to the green.

New views of the par-3 4th hole at Cherry Downs

Yet, the story doesn't end there. The 4th hole has emerged with newfound splendor. Its right side, once a test of skill and strategy, has been thoughtfully widened. This expansion lays the groundwork for a seamless journey to the green, where precision takes center stage.

New sightlines on hole No. 5 at Cherry Downs Golf Club

With one of the more intimidating tee shots in all of ClubLink, hole #5 was not a favourite of many players. As you can see from the photo above, the tee shot might be a bit less intimidating as tree removal has been widened on the left side to make this hole more playable. Rest assured, however, that challenges still abound beyond the initial tee shot.

Andre Leblanc, PGA, Director of Golf at Cherry Downs Golf Club, adds, "The revitalization of these holes has breathed new life into our course. The changes have struck a harmonious balance between challenge and accessibility, further enhancing the golfing experience at Cherry Downs."

Cherry Downs beckons you to explore its newly transformed fairways, eager to welcome your presence. Meanwhile, Glen Abbey radiates with its optimal conditions, enriched clubhouse, and revitalized bunkers.

To seize your moment on these courses, securing your tee time at either Glen Abbey Golf Club or Cherry Downs Golf Club is just a click away. Embark on this journey of golfing marvels, where legacy meets innovation, and every swing tells a story of aspiration and triumph. Your adventure awaits!

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