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Women's Golf Day: A Celebration of Female Golfers

May 30 was a remarkable evening for women's golf as we came together to celebrate Women's Golf Week. With the participation of over 75 female golfers, the event took place across four ClubLink courses: Cherry Downs, Hidden Lake, National Pines, and Station Creek Golf Club.

The event kicked off with teams of golf professionals leading 30-minute golf clinics. These clinics were designed to enhance the participants' long and short game skills, focusing on crucial aspects of the game. The golfers were eager to learn and absorb valuable insights, such as improving their drives and refining chip shots by getting under the ball effectively.

Equipped with new techniques and strategies, the golfers then put their knowledge to the test as groups teed off and embarked on 9-holes of golf. The picturesque landscapes provided the perfect backdrop for the players to showcase their skills and enjoy an evening filled with camaraderie and friendly competition.

Women's Golf Week was a powerful reminder of the progress we have made in promoting gender equality in sports. It was an opportunity to recognize and applaud the incredible talent, dedication, and perseverance of female golfers.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, golf professionals, and staff who made this event a success. Women's Golf Week was not just a celebration of women in golf; it was a testament to the strength and unity that can be achieved when we come together to support and empower one another. We eagerly look forward to future events that will continue to foster the growth of women's golf, inspiring more women to pick up a club and experience the joy and challenge of this incredible sport.

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