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Ben Kern Coach of the Year

Congratulations to Doug Lawrie, Head Teaching Professional at Glencairn Golf Club, for achieving PGA of Canada's Award for Coach of the Year in 2022.

Doug Lawrie, Focus Golf Group, Ontario Zone

Lawrie currently coaches 24 High Performance Competitive Girls and Boys, who compete across the province, country and internationally. Andrew Russ, Associate at the London Hunt Club said, "Doug spends a lot of time on the range, but his ability to travel across North America to support his players when they compete, helping them prepare, build a gameplan and execute, is really what being a coach is all about. Anyone would benefit from having a coach like Doug Lawrie. Their success is important and knowing their coach is there at the event to help if they need it, has a calming effect on them. Call it a safety net."

Lawrie focuses on understanding his player's goals and aspirations, designing his own template to capture each player's key ingredients to form each player's "Roadmap" for their development. In addition, he has grown a social media following and published a Youtube series during the pandemic featuring both high-level athletes and PGA Professionals.

Lawrie has coached players to championships at the provincial, national and International level, while growing the game through grass-roots programs close to him.

Shared from 2022 PGA of Canada National Awards

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