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Dust the Rust

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Dust the Rust

With just over a month before golf season hits, it’s time to dust off the rust!

Now that restrictions have been lifted, we can safely go to the indoor driving ranges and simulators. It’s always good to get in some reps to feel your swing and get used to the movements again so you don’t walk up to the first tee on your first round of the season and throw out your back (no thanks).

However, we all know what everyone really wants to do is get their gear ready (if you haven’t done so already). It’s time to clean those clubs, re-grip those shafts, and polish up the shoes for opening day.

Now is also the time to get into golf-related workout routines with some light stretches and band work. These exercises will do wonders to your body in preparation for the start of the season. Here are some light exercises to try:

Last on the list: lessons and fittings. There are many indoor facilities that offer lessons and fittings to get you ready for the season with advanced skills and equipment. Whether or not you think you need lessons, we recommend booking a session at The Golf Lab at King Valley, Peak Performance in Vaughan, or Burloak Indoor Golf in Oakville where the pros can walk you through your swing and make sure everything is on track for the season.

See you soon!

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