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Full Win for Full Swing

If you haven’t heard about Netflix’s new docu-series Full Swing, you must be living under a rock. The eight-episode documentary follows some of the PGA Tour’s best for the 2022 season. It explores their lives and everything that goes into being a professional golfer on tour.

Full Swing dropped on February 15 and has been the talk of the “golf internet” since that day. We are going to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly from this documentary, and we’re going cover each episode, so strap in! Episode 1: Frenemies

The first episode highlights Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth, two of the PGA Tour’s most notable stars and best friends since childhood. This episode follows the two friends through the highs and lows of their 2022 season. Watching the two of them grow up together while winning events and majors, this episode takes us through the years of Jordan Speith winning the Masters and U.S. Open, while Justin Thomas won two PGA Championships, one of which was in 2022 and featured in this episode.

Episode 2: Win or Go Home

Episode two follows Koepka and his wife as he struggles to make any moves on the PGA Tour and tries to climb his way back from an injury-plagued few years. While highlighting Koepka’s accolades at the beginning of the episode, it is soon apparent that Koepka is struggling with his game and confidence. While watching this episode, you realize why Koepka chose to go to LIV Golf. After missing multiple cuts and not making the money he used to, it’s obvious that the guaranteed money was a big draw for him and Jenna.

Episode 3: Money or Legacy Episode three follows PGA Tour veteran Ian Poulter. In the last few years, Poulter has fallen down the world rankings. However, when the 20-year veteran is asked if he enjoys playing in the Ryder Cup events, his response is “Is the Pope Catholic?” With only three PGA Tour wins and 11 European Tour wins, Poulter’s real staple in professional is golf because of his Ryder Cup presence. While watching this episode, you see Poulter’s home life and his struggle to be successful on the PGA Tour as of late while also considering a move to LIV Golf. Episode 4: Imposter Syndrome Joel Dahmen may not be a household name, but after watching episode four, I’m sure you’ll want to be best friends with him. This episode takes us through the loss of Dahmen’s mother to cancer, his personal bout with cancer, and his place on the PGA Tour. Dahmen knows good and well that he will “never” be as good as the top guys, but man, does he have the potential if he puts his mind to it. Episode 5: American Dreams

Matt Fitzpatrick and Dustin Johnson are two contrasting characters, one with a big presence and one with a big talent. Episode 5 follows the rise of Matt Fitzpatrick, winning the U.S. Open in 2022 and making a name for himself. We learned that Fitz is a massive stats nerd about all things golf. While on the other end of the spectrum, Dustin Johnson talks about all he has accomplished and how he has nothing left to achieve on the PGA Tour, hence moving forward in his career with LIV Golf.

Episode 6: Don’t Get Bitter, Get Better

Tony Finau is a real family man fighting the choices between the PGA Tour and family life. Finau who is yet to win a major but always coming close, struggles with his ups and downs and the loss of his mother. This episode highlights his family atmosphere while on tour. This episode also features Colin Morikawa. However, we don’t get as much of an in-depth look at Morikawa’s life. The episode touches on small snippets of his accomplishments and the comparison he gets to Tiger Woods.

Episode 7: Golf is Hard

Here come the rookies! Sahith Theegala and Mito Pereira are at the forefront of this episode. Fresh on the scene on the PGA Tour. Theegala made a big imprint in his rookie year, placing second in the WM Phoenix Open. This episode reflects upon the journey of two rookies on tour - proving just how hard it really is to make it on the PGA Tour. Episode 8: Everything Has Led to This

Saving the drama for last… Rory McIlroy. This episode was mostly based on McIlroy taking charge of the fight against LIV Golf and making big changes to the PGA Tour. With McIlroy leading the charge and Tiger Woods right at his side, this episode hits the serious conversations that have been happening in the golf world of late. Let’s be honest, Netflix picked a great season to start filming this docu-series.

Overall, Full Swing is a hit, and if you’re a golf fan and haven’t watched it yet, we highly recommend it – even if only to get an inside the ropes view of how these players live on the PGA Tour. Photo's courtesy of, and

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