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“Wasted” Management Open

Updated: Apr 12

After a soggy and chilly couple of days at TPC Scottsdale, things got a bit muddy at the 2024 WM Phoenix Open.


The tournament, hosted at the iconic TPC Scottsdale, transcends the boundaries of traditional golf events with its loud and rowdy atmosphere.

The iconic 16th hole, known for its wild atmosphere, transformed into a green amphitheater that echoed the tournament around the course. The electrifying energy of the crowd was matched by the high energy of the players when they approached the famous green.

However, this year’s event took a bit of a raucous turn. After encountering some of the most challenging conditions in the event's history, heavy rain persisted on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, significantly impacting the conditions at TPC Scottsdale. The relentless rainfall rendered a substantial portion of the 190-acre golf course unusable for fans and presented considerable operational hurdles for the tournament.

A rain delay on Friday led to a surge in attendance on Saturday, doubling alcohol sales and sparking pandemonium. This resulted in congestion throughout the golf course on Saturday, prompting the decision to temporarily close the main entrance and cease concession sales. This measure aimed to facilitate a safe exit for fans amid the challenging circumstances.

While the event is known as the biggest party of the year, things got a little out of control when fans from Friday and Saturday partied on the same day. Attendees trespassed on the course, made “sand angels” in the bunkers, got into altercations with other fans as well as altercations with players, which resulted in the players getting frustrated and yelling back at fans.

The fallout from this year’s chaos raises questions about potential repercussions. With 54 arrests, 73 people removed for trespassing, and 653 service calls, the PGA Tour and WM Phoenix Open face criticism for the event's mismanagement.

In response to the challenging circumstances faced during the 2024 WM Phoenix Open, tournament organizers have issued a statement addressing the events of the past week.

"We acknowledge the frustration experienced by our fans, especially those who purchased tickets and were denied entrance on Saturday," the statement reads. "For those affected, a refund can be requested by emailing A dedicated team is poised to respond to inquiries and address any concerns."

Looking forward, organizers recognize the necessity for changes not only for Friday and Saturday but for the entire week. "In the coming months, we will meticulously identify areas requiring improvement to enhance the overall experience," the statement continues.

The Thunderbirds, organizers of the WM Phoenix Open, remain committed to continually enhancing the tournament experience. "We are driven to ensure the future success of the event for fans and our community for years to come," the statement concludes. "Despite the recent challenges, we remain committed to delivering an exceptional tournament that reflects the spirit and excitement synonymous with the Waste Management Open.”

Image source: WM Phoenix Open

Shifting focus to golf, Canadian Nick Taylor emerged victorious on Sunday, showcasing his resilience and skill yet again in a gripping two-hole playoff against Charley Hoffman after both finished tied at -21.

You could tell Taylor came to play from the start. He opened with an impressive 11-under for a score of 60 with five birdies on the front nine and six on the back nine.

Round two took a different turn as he shot a 1-under par 70. However, that round was interrupted with weather delays. Round two finished Saturday, while part of round three started on Saturday and ended Sunday morning with a 15-minute break before the fourth round.

Taylor made it back into the 60’s in the last two rounds, and the atmosphere was electric as the players headed into extra holes on Sunday, where Taylor's unwavering focus and precision ultimately proved decisive.

In a dramatic finale, Taylor clinched the title with another long putt (not nearly as long as his putt to win the 2023 RBC Canadian Open), sealing his triumph and leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

This win not only solidifies Taylor's standing in the golfing world but also adds another memorable chapter to the WM Phoenix Open’s legacy.

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