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7 Questions with Teacher of The Year Carson Hau

Carson Hau of the Golf Lab at King Valley won the PGA of Ontario Teacher of the Year. We recently reached out to talk about his journey.

When did you start golfing? I first picked up a club when I was 13 however, I didn't pick up the game until I was 17. I grew up playing high-level hockey, and my friend suggested we go golfing as something to do in the off-season. He kicked my butt badly and as a competitive person, I made it my goal to beat him eventually.

How/When did you get started with ClubLink?

I got started with ClubLink in 2014. At the time, I had helped coach the Head Pro at King Valley’s son in hockey and had worked for him in the past at a previous golf course. I reached out to him for a summer job, really so I could play free golf and explore what options there were in the golf industry.

How did you get started with Golf Lab?

I was lucky enough to meet Liam Mucklow in 2016 while he was teaching at the back range here at King Valley. Knowing his background in golf I asked him about launch monitors and optimal ball flight and asked if I could shadow some of his club fits. I guess I asked him the right questions or just was around him so much he decided to start paying me! He came up with the idea to open The Golf Lab at King Valley and approach me to be his apprentice. Initially, I never thought I would be a coach as it was the club fitting side of the business that really interested me, however as you can see, I've found a new passion in teaching the game as well.

What is your favourite part about being a teacher?

Being a teacher, I think has shown me what it's like to be a proud parent. Being able to see someone learn firsthand and succeed is the most gratifying feeling. I also really love the challenge. Looking at someone's swing and breaking it down to figure out why they get the results they do I find so fascinating. Then trying to figure out what the root cause is that will snowball into multiple positive outcomes I really enjoy.

What does it mean to you to be Teacher of the Year for all of Ontario?

It's funny you asked that. It hadn't sunk in until maybe a week later, what it meant to me. I think the big thing is that it's validated a lot of decisions I've made in my life. I took some pretty big risks when I entered the golf industry. In a lot of ways, it's a relief that I made the right decision and the weird things we do here are recognized by my peers as forward-thinking and innovative. I'm extremely grateful to everyone that has helped me along the way, whether it was advice on running a business, golf or life itself.

What’s Next for Carson Hau?

Right now, I have my sights set on the PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year, but I'm always looking at different certifications and courses to better my expertise. I'm at a very exciting time of my life right now with a lot happening. Being newlyweds just last year and waiting to move into our new place, I'm excited to start a family, but until then I'll be grinding on the range trying to help everyone improve.

How can golfers contact you for lessons?

The best way to reach me is by email at they can try calling but I'm typically teaching or fitting during the day 289-271-5767.

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