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Member Spotlight: Dr. Melvin Lee, the 140-Round Wonder

Meet Dr. Melvin Lee, a Member of Hautes Plaines Golf Club, who recorded an astonishing 140 rounds during the past season. Not only has he conquered the fairways, Dr. Lee also holds a distinguished title in the field of dentistry. We caught up with him to dive into his golf journey, memorable moments, and the secret behind his prolific play.

Meet Dr. Melvin Lee: Beyond the Fairways

While Dr. Melvin Lee conquers the golf course, his achievements off the greens are equally impressive. A summa cum laude graduate in Neuroscience from McMaster University, he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Manitoba in 2002. Dr. Lee's commitment to serving extends beyond dentistry; he served in the Canadian Forces as a Reservist Army Medical Assistant and later as a Regular Force Army Dental Officer. His extensive post-graduate training includes specialties like oral and maxillofacial surgery and pain and anxiety control, held at the prestigious Bethesda Naval Medical Centre near Washington, DC. Driven by a desire to enhance patient care, Dr. Lee pursued further education in aesthetic dentistry and implant dentistry. Recently joining The Pankey Institute, dentistry’s leading provider of continuing education for clinical expertise, he aims to elevate the quality of care for Temporomandibular Dysfunction patients. Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Lee is deeply involved in social justice. Volunteering in First Nations reserves, dental clinics for the homeless, and dental mission trips to Haiti and Peru, he strives to make a positive impact globally. Dr. Melvin Lee, a family man, is married to his beautiful wife Soo Jung, and they have two wonderful children, Emma and Jabez. As a family, they enjoy various activities, from curling and skiing in the winter to golf, tennis, and basketball in the summer.

ClubLink: What is your favourite golf course?

Melvin: Favourite Golf Course: Cabot Cliffs GC, Inverness NS. Favourite Golf Hole: Cabot Cliffs, Hole #16. (Favourite ClubLink Course: Wyndance GC, Uxbridge ON; Favourite ClubLink Golf Hole: GreyHawk Predator, Hole #18 - where I broke 80 for the first time ever in October 2020 and had my first eagle ever in June 2023 from 58 yards out!)

ClubLink: Who is in your weekly foursome?

Melvin: Chelcie Doherty (Eagle Creek), James Delory (Eagle Creek), Greg Mapp (Hautes Plaines).

ClubLink: What’s the most challenging course you’ve ever tackled?

Melvin: Greystone GC (Milton, ON) - Holes #5, #7, #8, and #10 are among the most difficult on the entire ClubLink network. I haven't conquered Greystone yet; it has conquered me, but I'll exact my revenge in 2024!

ClubLink: Tell us about your go-to club in your bag.

Melvin: My 27-degree Ping G25 hybrid is my all-purpose utility club: my 160-yard club, my rescue club from deep rough or woods, and my green-side bump-and-run club.

ClubLink: What’s your dream golf vacation destination?

Melvin: St Andrew’s Old Course because… it’s St Andrew’s!

ClubLink: Any personal achievements or memorable moments on the course this year?

Melvin: My first-ever eagles on the SAME golf course, my lowest 9-hole score ever (even par 36), and playing with 2-time Olympic Gold Medallist Carolyn Waldo at GreyHawk - a day I'm still starstruck by!

ClubLink: Any golf-related goals or accomplishments you’re currently striving for?

Melvin: Breaking 75.

ClubLink: How did you manage to play 140 rounds, and what’s your secret to booking tee times?

Melvin: Golf is my daily therapy for stress relief. I book tee times right after my last dental patient of the day during the week, and on weekends, I aim for 36 holes on either Saturday or Sunday. As for securing desired tee times, well, let's just say the early bird gets the worm. My booking secret stays with me!

ClubLink: If you could play a round of golf with any historical figure or celebrity, who would it be?

Melvin: Admiral Yi Sun Shin - not just for golf, but to learn about leadership, military strategy, and overcoming overwhelming adversity.

ClubLink: Who is your favourite professional golfer?

Melvin: Jack Nicklaus for his mind-control and shot visualization, and Ingee Chun for her positive attitude and silky smooth swing tempo.

ClubLink: How do you stay motivated and maintain focus during a round of golf, especially when things aren’t going your way?

Melvin: Practicing mindfulness in the present allows me to focus on my golf game one shot at a time.

Follow Melvin Lee's golf adventures (@golferdentist) as he aims to break 75 and seeks revenge on Greystone in the upcoming 2024 season. Stay tuned for more exclusive ClubLink Chronicles!

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