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New Member Profile: Daniel Shaw

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

As the season ends, we caught up with ClubLink Member, Daniel Shaw, to talk about his experience as a new Member.

When did you join ClubLink? I joined ClubLink at the end of August 2022 during their annual new Member promotion. What was the highlight of your season? The highlight of my season would have to be the trip I took with my father to Bandon Dunes golf resort. If I’m going ClubLink specific it would have to be the trip up north to play the Muskoka courses. What's your best score this season? My lowest score this season was a 75 at King’s Forest Golf Club in Hamilton; however, I feel my best score was posting a 79 at Heron Point Golf Club as I find it to be one of the toughest courses, I play every year. Breaking 80 there is something I may never accomplish again.

What do you love most about your Club / being a ClubLink Member? For Glendale, I love how every hole presents various options off the tee. A course like Glendale thrives off of course management, and as someone who isn’t a long ball hitter, I feel that in time I’ll be able to play very well here hitting more woods and irons off of many of the tees. For ClubLink, I love the conditioning of all the facilities, from the Muskoka courses, through the GTA, every course I’ve played have been in amazing shape and that something that really matters to me with a Membership.

Did you have any goals for your game this season? My goal is always to improve, every year I pick something specific to get better at, two years ago it was my short game, last year driving accuracy and this season I spent a lot of time practicing putting. Because of that I have been able to lower my scores and my handicap which is always my goal. Did you participate in Men's night / events? I have not been able to play in the Men’s night yet, my first Member even was last weekend during the 3-man scramble, and I had such a great time with two really great Members. I look forward to next season where I do plan of participating in as many events as possible. What was your favourite ClubLink course to play so far? Why? Has to be Heron Point, I love the challenge and I love the layout. I’m very grateful to have been able to play there half a dozen times since obtaining my Membership with ClubLink. That being said, there are a couple courses I have yet to play so this may change in the future. What are you looking forward to next season? Meeting more Members and playing in events, my goals with the Membership next year is to make the interclub team. Although it may be tough as a low handicapper since most qualifying events are NET score. How often do you practice before your round? Every time! If there’s a range I'll spend about 20 minutes there and then about 20 minutes with short game. If there is only a short game area, like at Glendale. I’ll usually spend about 30 minutes working on that.

Do you pair up with other groups or golf with friends you’ve met? Yeah, I’m not shy or nervous around other golfers, so I’m usually pairing up with others. My idea is that we’re all here for the same reason, to enjoy ourselves. I have met a few other Members who I have begun to play weekly with. How many Clubs do you plan to hit next season? Well… I’d love to play them all. I still have several to knock off the list however there are a few that I will plan to play every year including Wyndance, Caledon Woods, Glencairn and Blue Springs.

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