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Rahul Answers the Million Dollar Question: What Golf Ball Should I Play?

Updated: May 11, 2023

While clubs are often the main focus, the golf ball you choose can have a significant impact on your game. Golf balls vary in design, materials, and performance, so understanding these factors is crucial in making an informed decision. ClubLink’s golf gear guru Rahul Mehta, provides some guidance about how to select the right golf ball to optimize performance.

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a golf ball is your skill level. For beginners, a ball designed for maximum distance and forgiveness, with a softer feel, can be beneficial. On the other hand, experienced golfers with higher swing speeds may want to choose a ball that offers more control and a harder feel for improved spin and control around the greens.

Compression is another important factor to consider when selecting a golf ball. Balls with low compression are softer, offering greater distance, while balls with high compression are harder and provide more control. Choosing the right compression for your swing speed can optimize your performance.

The design of the golf ball also plays a significant role in its performance. Two-piece balls offer more distance and durability, while three-piece or four-piece balls provide more control and spin. A ball with a multi-layered design can help improve short game performance.

The cover material of the ball is also a critical factor to consider. Urethane covers provide more spin and control, while surlyn covers offer greater durability and distance.

For most players, the Titleist Pro V1 is an excellent choice as it offers a combination of distance, control, and spin. Its three-piece design with a urethane cover provides excellent feel and control around the greens, and its high compression is suitable for players with faster swing speeds.

ClubLink golf shops carry all the top brands including the Titleist ProV1, TaylorMade TP5, and the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls. ClubLink offers Member benefits, including Advantage Pricing which guarantees Members the lowest price in the marketplace on all current brands, including the Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5, and Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls.

Email us at for assistance in choosing the right ball for you or we can introduce you to your Club Professional who can do a personal golf ball fitting at no charge.

For a complete list of golf balls available, click here. Shop in your Club pro shop or take advantage of Member exclusive deals on and charge direct to your Member account online.

May the birdies be with you.


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