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This Golf-Themed Party is for the Win

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Get ready to tee off the summer with a hole-in-one BBQ experience! Transform your backyard into a golfer's paradise for a swingin' good time. From golf-themed décor to tasty fairway-inspired dishes, we've got the perfect recipe for a day full of fun and flavour. Grab your clubs and appetite, and let's putt our way into an unforgettable golf-themed BBQ at home!

1. Caddy-Time

Potluck your party by asking your ‘caddies’ to bring something to the table. Challenge them to make it golf-themed so they can be creative (and this can also help your food budget).

2. Swing, Swing Sugar

Grab a bag of marshmallows (make sure you save another bag for s’mores) and tee off with your mallow ball. The farthest drive wins!

3. Against the Clock

Set up 12 shots around a cup or putting mat, person who makes the most in 30 seconds wins – make sure you set a timer for everyone to count down for a friendly competition.

4. Name Your Teams

Depending on how many people attend, draw names in a hat for teams of 2-4 and be creative naming your Green Machine team – okay, you can do better than that.

5. Championship Dinner

In the first year, create a menu that suits all visitors and introduce the idea of a champion’s dinner for your next event – making this tradition extra special for party-goers.

6. Golf Apparel Costume Contest

Who doesn’t love a costume party? Colour coordinate in classic or bold golfer outfits and have everyone vote on their favourite style to select a winner.

7. Engagement Game: Take Your Best Shot

In last year’s article, we broke down how to set up golf pong for your guests. Try other games like a “golf ball on a spoon” relay race that requires teams to drop the ball into a cup. First team to finish wins!

8. Keeping the Kids Busy

If you have a pool (big or small), consider safe “diving” games for the kids, searching for balls and birdies . If you don’t have a pool, try the bunker game; searching for lost golf goodies (balls, tees, ball marker) and anything you might lose in the sand. Every participant digs through their own bunker with digging tools; bonus points for colour coordinating objects into cups. First one to find everything wins a prize. Bonus points if they rake their bunker when they're finished.

9. Take Home Gift

Create a birdie bundle for your guests with some affordable goodies to gift for attending your party. Add things like tees, custom poker chip or ball marker with name of your event, and golf balls for an unforgettable keepsake they’ll appreciate.

10. Make it a tradition

Reward the player of the year with a cheap or DIY trophy and a prize pack like a gift card to to shop at our End of Season sale to buy and save more.

As the sun sets on your golf-themed BBQ, reflect on the laughter, camaraderie, and delicious memories created on this golfing adventure. From the perfectly grilled dishes to the friendly competitions, it'll be a day to remember. We hope this inspired you to host your own golf-themed party and bring the joy of the greens to your special day. Until we tee off again, keep swinging, keep grilling, and keep the spirit of the fairway alive in your home.

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