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Embracing the Family Twilight Program

Updated: Jul 11

Golf has long been considered a sport that transcends generations, offering a unique opportunity for families to bond, communicate, and enjoy quality time together. The McCammon family, Members of GreyHawk Golf Club in Ottawa, have discovered the joy of family golf through ClubLink's Complimentary Family Twilight program. We hit the links with them to delve into their experiences and uncover the many reasons they've come to cherish their time on the greens.

It has enhanced our ability to express thoughts, solve issues, and bond. It provides a judgment-free space for my daughter and wife to play, learn, and grow.

ClubLink: What inspired your family to start golfing together?

Tyler: Last summer, it was just my daughter, Addison, and I. My wife Melanie was out for the evening with friends, and I had the itch to play. I figured if I took a cart, loaded up on snacks for Addison, and brought her iPad, I could get a few holes in. Addison had a great time. We played 6 holes, and she never looked at her iPad once. After that, we learned about the family twilight program and decided to make it a weekend tradition.

ClubLink: Can you share some memorable moments you've experienced on the course?

Tyler: One of the first times Addison connected with a shot, both Mel and I were there to witness it. She celebrated by riding her club like a horse, Happy Gilmore style. On another occasion, after Addison sank a putt on hole 9, lots of people on the patio cheered and clapped for her.

ClubLink: How has golf brought your family closer?

Tyler: It allowed my wife and daughter to share my love for the game. They both enjoy it, and playing together encourages positivity even when there are bad shots. It has become our weekend ritual. We prepare at home, pack snacks, don our golf gear, play 9 holes, and often have dinner at the Clubhouse. It's a complete family experience.

ClubLink: What have you learned through golfing together?

Tyler: We've learned patience, love, support, and understanding of our limits, especially when we lose a ball in the woods. Addison loves being outdoors and interacting with wildlife on the course. Family golfing has reinforced her love for outdoor activities like golf.

ClubLink: Describe the sense of community and belonging your family has found through golf?

Tyler: Addison gets attention from starters and members, making her feel special. The staff's friendliness and attention create a welcoming atmosphere, and even my wife has been treated with respect and great customer service.

ClubLink: Have you noticed changes in your family's communication and teamwork skills through golfing together?

Tyler: Absolutely, it has enhanced our ability to express thoughts, solve issues, and bond. It provides a judgment-free space for my daughter and wife to play, learn, and grow.

ClubLink: How has the ease of booking twilight tee times at GreyHawk Golf Club made family golfing convenient?

Tyler: Having twilight memberships for both Addison and Mel has simplified the process. It's like booking any tee time, and it even allows us to turn evenings into special date nights.

ClubLink: What insights can you share about the twilight program for families considering this option?

Tyler: The program offers an opportunity for family members to share their love for golf, get exercise, and enjoy positive experiences outdoors. Tee times fill quickly, so be ready to book early for preferred times.

The McCammon family's journey exemplifies the power of family bonding through golf. Their shared experiences on the green have created cherished memories, strengthened relationships, and nurtured a genuine love for golf. By embracing ClubLink's Family Twilight program, they have unlocked a world of possibilities, making each moment spent on the golf course truly special.

To activate your Complimentary Family Twilight Membership contact a ClubLink Member Services Associate at 1-800-273-5113.

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