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Women's Golf Day: A Day to Connect, Learn, and Play

Golf clubs across the country and around the world recently participated in Women's Golf Day, held from May 28 to June 4. This global event was designed to engage and encourage women and girls to play golf, regardless of their skill level.

In our local community, five ClubLink courses—Blue Springs Golf Club, Cherry Downs Golf Club, Hidden Lake Golf Club, National Pines Golf Club, and Station Creek Golf Club—hosted more than 140 participants. These events provided an excellent opportunity for women to come together, learn, and enjoy the sport of golf in a supportive environment.

The event kicked off with teams of ClubLink golf professionals leading 45-minute clinics that covered the fundamentals of the game. Armed with this new knowledge, golfers then headed out to the course to put their skills to the test as they embarked on 9-holes of golf.

We extend our gratitude to our Women's Golf Day participants, ClubLink golf professionals, and staff who made these events a success. We look forward to future WGD events that will continue to grow the game, inspiring more women to pick up a club and experience the wonderful game of golf.

To learn more about Women's Golf Day, visit

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